Interconnections among Things, Services and People

Through interconnections among things, services and people via internet, we can improve data analysis, improve productivity, enhance reliability, save energy, reduce costs, and bring new profitability opportunities thanks to innovative business models.

We have been focusing on control systems, communication, solutions, sensors and platform software for IOT+R&D and improvement process. These technologies enables our customers in industrial fields to better analyze data, optimize operation and improve productivity and flexibility. We help customers develop existing technologies, in the meanwhile, fulfill our long term commitments in safety, reliability, network safety and data confidentiality, and promote progresses of IOT+.

Turn data into productivity improvement
Huge industrial opportunities

Internet is in our daily life. By supporting us to wider community communication and knowledge sharing, internet helps us broaden our vision and improve our capabilities. Similar revolution in industrial fields is to realize the interconnection between smart facilities and huge data from more and more electronic sensors. We now ‘see, hear and touch’ industrial processes in an unprecedented way, which helps us make decisions on performance optimization. Long term commitment of web safety and data confidentiality promotes the progresses of IOT+.

The revolution enables us to operate equipment more safely, in the meanwhile, improve efficiency and reduce affects on environment. This is not only for a single equipment, but more for the whole system – perfect coordination improves efficiency and power, thus creates a better world.
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